• Resources used in class:

    • Region 4 Engaging Mathematics Volume II Grades 6, 7, & 8 (2015 edition)
    • Math GPS  Readiness Focus Activity Kits and workbooks created by Shari John and Laura Wilson (2014 edition)
    • Region 4 Mathematics STAAR Workstation Volumes 1-3 for Grade 6th, 7th, 8th, Algebra 1 (2017 & 2018 editions)
    • STAAR Master Workbooks (2015 edition) ECS Learning Systems
    • McGraw Hill Textbook
    • TEKS Resource System (IFDs, Performance Indicators, Unit Assessments)
    • DMAC-TAG to create Unit Assessments-pulling questions from TEKS Resource System, TAG, and TEA.  


    • Classroom activities teacher created using the TEKS, aligned for rigor based upon the lead forward supporting documents.
    • Teaching Student Centered Mathematics (Van. De Walle)
    • Pizzazz Puzzles
    • Faceing Math Workbook
    • Versatiles: Puzzles and Workbook





    Helpful resources to use at home:

    Khan Academy: This website has great tutorial videos to help reteach or review a topic.

    Prodigy: This is an app downloaded on the students iPads. This a game that will spiral students through the 6th curriculum. Our class code for students to join is 152CFC.

    Online Textbook: This can be found on the students iPad in the McGraw Hill App. All students have downloaded the ebook and therefore do not need WiFi to access this content.