• Laptop Distribution Dates


    Students will come during their history classes to pick up their laptop.


    8th grade - 8/19/2021


    7th grade - 8/20/2021


    6th grade - 8/23/2021







  • Tech Tips from Mrs. E.


    When you first receive your laptop make sure you login to the computer while you are still on the school wifi.  If you do not do this it will not allow you to login to it at home.  Once you have logged in one time you will be able to login at home.  Also make sure you can login google.


    Each student receives a charger with their laptop.  Charge your laptop each night at home and leave your charger in the pouch on your laptop case.   If you lose your charger there is a $30 fee.  If you break the screen on your laptop the fee is $50 to have it repaired.

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