Ms. Jackie Koonce



Degrees and Certifications:

University of North Texas: Music Education

Ms. Jackie Koonce

Ms. Koonce is originally from New Orleans, LA, but she has lived all over the south. She  recently graduated from UNT with a degree in music education and a minor in Spanish. She first discovered her love for teaching through her years of dance classes and then began playing the clarinet in the 6th grade. She continued band throughout high school, where she was a drum major for 2 years. during this time, she helped lead the band to wint heir first contest in 10 years. She enjoyed the opportunity to play solos and perform in various ensembles throughout both high school and college. These performanced included instrumental ensembles as well as a choir ensemble through the music fraternity, Sigma Alpha Iota. Through the years, she's been honored to receive many awards. Those have included the John Phillip Sousa Award, the Semper Fidelis Award, various scholarships, and a nomination for Student Teacher of the year. She is looking forward to a great year with Team Bowie!

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  • Class Schedule:

    1st Period: High School Band

    2nd Period: High School Choir

    3rd Period: Conference

    4th Period: Junior High Beginner Class

    5th Period:Junior High 7th Grade Band

    6th Period: Junior High Choir

    7th Period: Junior High 7th Grade Band

    8th Period: Junior High 8th Grade Band

  • 6 Weeks Outline:

    Choir: Both Choir Classes will continue to expand upon their sight-singing abilities until we are comfortable with 2 part sight-singing. We will continue to discuss rhythm and note dictation as well as any other concepts necessary to read music. While working on developing our ear training through dictation exercises and ear training, we will continue to become more confident using Curwen Solfege Hand Signs, and we will be working on music for our December Christmas Concert Performance.

    Junior High Beginner Band: Beginners will develop skills to create good sounds on their instruments while increasing their instrumental range, and they will continue to work out of the Essential Elements 2000 Book. At the end of the 6 weeks, they will begin to prepare music for their December Christmas Concert Performance.

    Junior High 7th & 8th Grade Bands: The 7th and 8th Grade Bands will continue to develop good tone quality while increasing their instrumental range while continuing to work on music for pep rallies and assorted warm up and scale materials. They will also begin to prepare music for the December Christmas Concert Performance.