• Returning Students (Students Enrolled in Bowie ISD in 2020-2021)

    Take me to the Asecendar Parent Portal - https://portals09.ascendertx.com/ParentPortal/login?distid=169901

    Help me create my Parent Portal Account - https://www.bowieisd.net/Domain/615

    How to complete Returning Student Registration - https://www.bowieisd.net/cms/lib6/TX02218883/Centricity/Domain/472/RegistrationSteps.pdf


    New Students to Bowie ISD

    Students new to Bowie ISD need to create a Parent Portal account and enter the initial enrollment information.  Scanned birth certificates, driver's license and proof of residency can be uploaded in the portal or you can bring them by your child's campus to be copied.  After registrars accept the initial registration, you will need to log in again and complete local forms (nurse info, bus form, etc).
    If your child was formerly a student at BISD, has been at another district and is returning, they will need to complete the steps above for a new student enrollment.
    If you have any questions about enrollment, you may contact the campus registrar:
    Elementary (Headstart to 3rd grade) - 940-689-2950
    Intermediate (4th and 5th grade) - 940-689-2895
    Junior High (6th to 8th grade) - 940-872-1152
    High School (9th to 12th grade) - 940-689-2840



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