20-Day Breakfast & Lunch Cycle Menu

Bowie ISD offers students multiple choices of their favorite food items each day at breakfast & lunch

For example:


  • Students can choose from seven different entrées at lunch, and six different entrées at breakfast.

  • We offer the most popular entrée choices like Cheeseburger, Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Nuggets, Steak Fingers, Popcorn Chicken,

    PB&J Sandwich, and/or Chef/Fajita Salad are offered daily at lunch.

  • And we follow that same pattern at breakfast offering choices like Cereal, Yogurt, Grains, and Eggs daily at breakfast.

Side Dishes

  • Students are offered Mashed Potatoes, Curly Fries, or Tator Tots throughout the week at lunch.

  • We also offer Green Beans, Sweet Buttered Corn, and a Lettuce & Tomato side dish daily at lunch.

  • And we accompany those choices with other Fruits & Vegetable offerings daily at breakfast & lunch. 

Finally, students can choose from the following beverages: 

  • Chocolate Milk, Strawberry Milk, White Milk, and/or Bottled Water.